Help Desk Software Review - Helpstar

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Here is the review of help desk software, helpstar.

Screenshot of the page :

From the service provider,

"We’ve been in the service management solutions business since 1988. Since then, our helpdesk software has been licensed to over 3,500 organizations around the world. We help all types of businesses, ranging from those with a hundred employees to those with tens of thousands. We take pride in the fact that we are recognized as a worldwide leader inhelp desk, workflow software and business process management."

Pros :
  • Helpstar delivers a web portal that allows users to access the help desk from anywhere in the world.
  • HelpSTAR has a 45 day unconditional money back guarantee if your company is not satisfied.
Cons : 
  • Too expensive with some incurred costs.  
  • Lacks essential help desk integrations and customizations.
For detailed feature by feature listing, check Helpstar Review


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