The Lighter Side of IT History - Infographics

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TeamSupport Help Desk Software Unveils New Best-in-Class Reporting and Analytics Features

2 comments, one of the leading B2B customer service software solutions, today released its all-new business intelligence platform, offering dramatically enhanced best-in-class reporting capabilities that take support metrics to a whole new level and allow support teams to gain deeper customer insights in real time.

ITSM Meetup, Bay Area, CA

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Meet, Learn and share with IT Peers!

ManageEngine invites you to the ITSM Meetup in Bay Area, presented by Barclay Rae, ITSM Consultant. It is a great chance to learn from the expert, meet other ITSM folks, hear inspiring stories and make new friends. RSVP Now! 

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Zendesk supports GLOSSYBOX to optimise global customer service

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Zendesk, the leading provider of cloud software for better customer service, are supporting GLOSSYBOX to optimise their customer service across Europe. The successful beauty box vendor has grown from a German start-up to an international company in only two years. GLOSSYBOX now have an active presence in countries across three continents including the USA, UK, France and Japan.

ITSM Meetup - New York

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"This Meetup is all about sharing your experience and gaining some knowledge on IT service Management from real time IT managers & directors. We also invited one of the top IT director to share his experience in setting up a successful ITIL/ITSM environment with the right process & people. It's a great opportunity to learn from the best, network with other members of this community, and improve your IT skill set."

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ServiceDesk Plus Tips and Tricks on Change Management - Best Practices Webinar

ServiceDesk Plus Tips and Tricks on Change Management -  Best Practices Webinar

Presenter: Arvind Parthiban,Technical Advisor & Marketing Manager for ManageEngine ITSM Products
Date:   Tuesday, October 1st, 2013
Time:   11:00 AM PST | 2:00 PM EDT | 11:30 PM IST
Duration:   45 Minutes

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Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013 for ITSSM Tools

Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013 for IT Service Support Management Tools

IT service support management tools go beyond traditional service desk ticketing and reporting functions to address release governance and provide visibility into the production environment. I&O organizations aspiring to mature can use this research to evaluate products to support their efforts.

ITIL Simplified with ServiceDesk Plus - A Walk-through with Real-Time Scenario

We have with us, Bob an “ITIL Hero” who managed to simplify the ITIL Implementation using ServiceDesk Plus.

This is a Real-time scenario that can happen to anyone. Imagine your payroll system going down by the end of the month. The Payroll team is under immense pressure to complete their work. For the IT team this is a High Priority, High Risk scenario. How do you handle it?

Come! Let’s see how Bob, an “ITIL Hero” who simplify the ITIL Implementation using ServiceDesk Plus handles this scenario.

It was just a regular day at work and Bob was going through the helpdesk tickets in ServiceDesk Plus when he found some incidents like

“The payroll software frees randomly and I am not able to work continuously”
“BSOD Error when accessing certain tabs in the payroll software”
“Payroll software taking more time to save changes”
“Performance issues with the Payroll Software”

By taking a look at these incidents, Bob was able to understand that something was wrong with the Payroll system and he needs to act fast. Instead of getting multiple technicians to work on these issues, he quickly created a new problem in ServiceDesk Plus and attached all the related incidents to this problem.

With Problem Management in ServiceDesk Plus, he did a detailed analysis on the Impact, Root Cause and the Symptoms of the problem. The root cause analysis helped him deduce that the payroll software was in an older version and he had to upgrade the software to get it resolved.

Since it is the end of the month, the payroll team was using the software quite extensively. Hence Bob had to find a workaround to get the application working ASAP. He researched for possible workarounds and found that restarting the services made the application to run without issues for a few hours. He created tasks to restart services every day. However it was evident that to resolve this problem the upgrade of the payroll system was necessary. Since this upgrade involved risks, Bob created a CR to handle this change.

The Change Management module helped Bob plan the change properly and also provided him with an option to go for multi-level approvals. Also the CMDB relationship map helped him to make sure there weren’t any other services or users impacted by this change. He then added the CAB members associated with this change and requested for their recommendations. Based on the recommendations from the CAB members, the Change Manager approved the change and Bob was able to implement, review and close the change successfully. The change carried out resolved the problem. The Solutions and Workarounds updated in the Problem was automatically added to the Knowledge base for future reference. Using the effective automations in ServiceDesk Plus, Bob was able to notify the requesters and technicians of the associated Incidents and eventually close them.

By the end of the day, Bob was able to easily answer his boss, since each and every process was completely documented using ServiceDesk Plus and also the reporting options in ServiceDesk Plus allowed him to generate and email detailed reports in a jiffy.

Bob made ITIL Simplified using ServiceDesk Plus. Now, it’s your turn!

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Different Kinds of Help Desk Callers - Infographic

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Here is an interesting infographic from ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus.

Different kinds of Help Desk Callers
Image originally posted on Help Desk Infographics, ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus


Parature Unveils Social Customer Service Suite

Parature, a provider of cloud-based customer service software, announced today the general availability of its Social Customer Service Suite as part of its multichannel customer service offering.