List of Top 100 IT Help Desk Softwares - Part 1

I just want to make a single post where you can see the list of 100 popular help desk softwares to consider for your business. Its just a random list, not specifically in any order. I have listed all these It help desk softwares along with the words for the corresponding service provider.

(I have splitted this post in 10 parts).  Here is the part 1 list.

Here we go...

1. ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

"ServiceDesk Plus integrates your help desk requests and assets to help you manage your IT effectively. It helps you implement ITIL best practices and troubleshoot IT service requests faster. ServiceDesk Plus is a highly customizable, easy-to-implement help desk software. More than 10,000 IT managers worldwide use ServiceDesk Plus to manage their IT help desk and assets. ServiceDesk Plus is available in 23 different languages."

2. Zendesk :

"Help Desk Software and Support Ticket Software by Zendesk. Web-based customer support software used by thousands of companies worldwide."

3.  Kayako Fusion :

"Kayako Fusion is the world's leading multi-channel helpdesk solution that enables organizations to deliver a better customer experience and work more effectively as a team, whatever their size."

4. Helpdesk Pilot :

"Helpdesk Pilot allows you to manage your support services more efficiently, treating each and every incoming request as a unique, traceable ticket.

5. Perldesk :

"PerlDesk is trusted by over 7,000 companies worldwide to efficiently manage customer support services. This web-based help desk solution and email management software streamlines web- and email-based requests, improving customer support quality, efficiency, and response time."

6.  Hesk :

"HESK is PHP Help Desk Software allowing you to set up an efficient Web-based ticket support system."

 7.  Zoho Support :
"Zoho Support helps provide fast and world-class customer support the easy way. No missing tickets, no missed deadlines - you miss nothing. Be on top of your customer support tickets anytime. Make your help desk the best ever the easy way."

8.  Web Help Desk :

"Not all help desk software solutions are built alike. The web-based Web Help Desk user interface is a breath of fresh air — easy on the eyes and easy to deploy."

9. VanillaDesk :

 "VanillaDesk is intuitive Service Desk software for effective IT Service Management provided as a service (SaaS). VanillaDesk supports core ITIL® processes."

10. Alloy Navigator :

"Alloy Navigator® is an IT Service Management solution designed and built with industry best practices and real-world customers in mind. Targeted for medium and large business environments, it offers an intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use approach to managing the Service Desk, IT assets, task assignments, and other everyday activities."


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