Free ITIL Calendar from ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus

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Here is an interesting funny comical calendar from ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus. I have registered for my copy already. Register now!

From ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus,

"We all use calendars. It could be Desk Calendars, Desktop Calendars, Wall Calendars, Magnetic Stick Calendars or even Mobile Calendars. We buy or set Calendar themes depending on our mood and interests. But how often have you come across a calendar which is based on ITIL? Here’s a not-so-serious Desk Calendar based on ITIL, which we hope brings a smile on your face. We can’t wait for you to start using the calendar, which is why we’ll ship it to you for free.All you need to do is send us your shipping details, and we’ll get the elves working. Go ahead, Check it out! And send us your feedback."

Check the link below to get the ITIL calendar for free now !


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