Today’s Service Desk Must Have “Social and Mobile”

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I am Apple convert -- I use an iPad, iPhone and my beloved MacBook!  I converted about 18 months ago and have found the experience to be wonderful with little or no support requirements. However, last week I was not able to get access to wireless while visiting another office. Rather than opening a support issue, I quickly looked at our collaboration site and my issue was resolved in about 60 seconds. Whether you are aware of it or not, this process is part of business as usual for me and is a behavior that is becoming more typical of today's consumers of technology.

Changes in technology and behaviors, and the availability of information on personal devices are providing consumers of technology with not only increased levels of personal flexibility and functionality, but also more access to information. One of the outcomes is a growth in the expectation that information and solutions should be available anytime, anywhere and instantaneously!  The unfortunate outcome here is that the traditional service desk cannot deliver the information demanded in a timely manner leading to the end user bypassing the service desk. In fact, I am seeing that poor and immediate support combined with ease of use, leads to the consumers abandoning applications and using alternative capabilities.

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