ManageEngine Celebrates SysAdmin Day 2012 with SuperAdmin Contest

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In honor of the 13th annual System Administrator Appreciation Day — Friday, July 27, 2012 — ManageEngine, the real-time IT management company, invites everyone to gift their SysAdmins with a well-earned ‘thanks’ and the chance to win some awesome prizes, like a Nexus 7, skydiving trip, gaming room and much more. Visit now to enter.

Remember your first day on the job when you found your workspace waiting for you? Laptops and Internet cables connected, IP phone ready, email address configured and software installed. Or, remember the time when your hard drive crashed right before lunchtime? It likely never crossed your mind that your SysAdmin skipped his lunch to fix it. And if you’re like most people, you probably forgot to thank him. Now is your chance.

SysAdmins are the superheroes that work behind the scenes, just so you can do your job. ManageEngine’s “Time to Say Thank You” contest lets employees nominate their favorite SysAdmins. To enter, just submit their name — or add a story and picture to boost their chance of winning. If your SysAdmin gets the most votes, you win a prize too — a $100 gift card!

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