Help Desk Software Review – FXF Listing & Comparison


With more than 700 vendors competing in the help desk software market, IT professionals are in need of a single source for unbiased, in-depth information comparing and contrasting the wide variety of offerings.

Until now, researching the many help desk applications available has been a time consuming, arduous task. IT professionals were left to search for appropriate vendor websites, then having discovered those sites, spend valuable time clicking through multiple pages in an effort to identify and compile the needed information. And that was only the beginning.  Having the information in-hand, IT professionals then worked to evaluate each offering's capabilities against the others, stripping-away the marketing-content to pick-out the core capabilities. greatly simplifies the process by providing a free, central source of vendor neutral information. It organizes the research in three main categories:

FxF Listing -- The most unique, powerful, tool provided by is the site's Feature-by-Feature listing. It is the only website that lists help desks along with their detailed features. When users understand what each help desk offers, they can make an informed purchasing decision.

Help Desk Comparison -- Because each user's needs differ, there can be no definition of "the best help desk software." lets users make their own comparison and decide what's best for them. FxF listings help users make quicker, easier comparisons and identify help desks that offer the best features for the individual user.

User Reviews -- Customer testimonials are all over vendor websites. But often, these testimonials sound like modified sales pitches. On, users can rant and review help desks based on their experience, providing a genuine insight.

Apart from these, there listed the help desk news, help desk events and conferences, informative articles & blogs.

As focuses on user needs, increasing user-vendor interactions and providing valuable help desk content, its value will continue to grow.


  1. Help Desk software are widely adopted by the industries for providing support to their customers to handle their products effectively and get optimized utilization of resources available. These software are helping the support team to manage the records of all issues faced by customers.

  2. Great blog!! You should start many more. I love all the info provided. I will stay tuned :)