Help Desk Software Review - Spiceworks

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Here is the review of help desk software, spiceworks.

Official website

Screenshot of the page :

From the service provider,

"Join over 1,500,000 IT professionals using Spiceworks’ free network management software. This free IT management software benefits IT pros needing a complete network monitoring software solution."

Pros :
  1. Free help desk software.
  2. Easy to access with useful daily summary page & scanned reports.
  3. Iphone & android mobile app
Cons :
  1. Its not completely free. Free with ads, or $20 per month without them.
  2. Slow interfacing
  3. You will get instant emails to buy sponsor products of spiceworks
  4. AVG antivirus reported that the EXE package of spiceworks has included some potentially harmful program, "HackTool. DHQ"
For detailed FXF listing of spiceworks help desk software, check here,

Spiceworks help desk review



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