Self Service Portal and its Benefits

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Nowadays, IT customers become more demanding and expecting quick resolution of issues and frequent updation in products. To reduce the service desk pressure and to keep the help desk up and running 24x7, self service portal need to be implemented to make the users deal with incidents without the assistance of service desk.

Through web based self service portal, users can log in their requests, track the progress of their logged tickets and search solutions from the knowledge base, all without contacting the help desk team. You can even provide a personalized portal to the users allowing them to enter their personal information, chang the display language and the date and time format.

Advantages of Self service portal :
  • Provide enhanced user experience by making your help desk available to your end users 24x7.
  • Minimize the load of technicians and improve your productivity.
  • Users can find solutions directly from the knowledge base, without any help from the service desk.
  • Allow the users to submit and track the status of the requests by themself.
  • Human error is greatly reduced through web based self service portal.
  • Identify frequently used solutions and eliminate the root cause thereby increasing end user productivity.
  • Avoid repetitive tasks and improve deployment in more challenging tasks.


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