Trouble Ticket System

Trouble ticket system is the process of issue tracking where you can manage all the help desk requests effectively.  It is otherwise called as issue tracking system, ITS, support ticket or incident ticket system.

Here is the workflow of the popular help desk trouble ticket system.

Source : Help desk

The basic steps involved in any trouble ticket system are as follows.
  • Technician receive ticket from customer through various mediums like telephone call, email, phone, forums, chat or web portal.
  • Then the ticket will be verified and all the required informations about the incident will be collected from the customer, if necessary.
  • Ticket will be created with all the informations provided by the customer.
  • Business rules, service level agreements and groups then come into action. While considering help desk softwares like ServiceDesk Plus, automatic assigning of help desk tickets and escalation management can also be facilitated.
  • After clearing the issue, the tickets will be marked resolved by the corresponding technician. All the steps taken in resolving the issue will be added by the technican in the trouble ticket system so that it will be added as knowledge base for future reference.
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